Communications Management

Communications Management

Pratt Communications is also a telecommunications service and marketing company that helps businesses reduce costs while increasing communications and productivity. With our 30+ years of experience, we have been slashing costs on internet, telephone systems, voice, data, networks, conferencing, wireless, cabling and more.

Pratt Communications will assist you every step of the way –from selecting the right network design and commercial telephony system –to the cabling, testing, set-up and systems operation. We will evaluate and provide the most efficient components. We will then make certain that your company is provided ongoing service and maintenance far into the future.   

Telecommunications Auditing

Pratt communications offers a “no fee audit” for all of your telecommunications services. We will evaluate your service agreement contract(s) from your telecommunications provider(s) (past and present). We will then scrutinize inaccuracies (charges) that were billed incorrectly, usually finding multiple errors for overcharging or misapplied taxes, etc. The result is; recovering refunds owed to you. We have recovered thousands of dollars for our customers and set the record straight for the telecommunications providers.     
We can also analyze your current telecommunications structure to help maximize savings and performance for the future.

Audit includes: 

  • Local and International Phone Services
  • Long Distance Services, 800, 866, 877 Services
  • Cellular and Wireless Services (including wireless data cards)
  • ISDN, Frame Relay, Centrex, T1, T3, DSL/Broadband
  • Network and Backbone charges.
  • Equipment Rentals, including PBX's

Free audit service:

    • This service is free and is offered on a 'contingency-basis’.
    • If we don’t save you money –you don’t pay.
    • Most clients save 20 to 35%.
    Call: 1-800-980-2323 extension #212