Engineering Design



The telecommunications industry is competitive. In order to stand out from the companies working in our industry we must constantly evolve, both in terms of technology and performance. The partners of these companies must therefore be able to provide innovative and personalized solutions to make it possible to achieve this goal. Benefiting from our experience gained by team members in the design of telecommunications networks, from a business culture based on collaboration and shared knowledge and from a firm quality policy, Pratt Communications is known as a leader in telecommunications infrastructures design. Its multidisciplinary teams master all aspects of underground, aerial, and wireless networks. We can provide you personalized advanced services which will optimize all aspects of your projects.


Working directly with you, the Pratt Communications staff will handle the project -from the design to construction. It begins with a comprehensive assessment of your specific needs. We will nail down all aspects by analyzing workflow usage patterns and other criteria. From the outset, we will manage expectations so you will know exactly what your project will look like upon completion. Your turnkey solution will be on-time and on-budget.

A project manager, dedicated to your project will be accountable for all specifications, details, timelines, budgets and expectations. He will communicate with you frequently and update you regularly as he closely monitors every step of the project from concept through completion.

Engineering and Documentation…the Complete Package

Following a needs assessment, estimating and value engineering study, we’ll determine a budget. Our in–house specialists will create connectivity and block diagrams, facility plans and other necessary documentation.

Our Fiber Network Design Consultants will work with you to develop a needs assessment, determining what type of environment best serves your network requirements. We will examine projected usage, workflow, space design and more. In-house specialists can then create the design, develop the budget, equipment list, and a complete documentation/drawing package ready for implementation.

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