Computer systems and software drive almost every business today. Whether your needs are simple networking, Gigabit speed internet access, or world wide data transmission, Pratt Communications can engineer, design, and install the right network solution for your company or city and maintain it into the future.

With fiber optic cabling and high capacity bandwidth, faster speeds are available and expected from everyone today. Our trained and certified engineers are up to speed on current technologies and the hardware/software to drive them.  

Good business depends on good communication. Integral to your business’ successful day-to-day operation is an intelligently connected system of machines that can communicate reliably and is immediately responsive to the users who need it.

Pratt Communications will create a network of linked devices that speak with the speed and latency that your business demands. Besides user-to-user interfaces, networking is also how your data travels from point to point. Today's 5G and 6G networks can be linked to D.A.S. to maximize you speeds, latency, and capacity inside buildings.

Internal networking:

  • Fiber switches to ensure your network is ready for today's technology 
  • Close communications with your internet technology employees
  • Distributed Antenna System deployment for optimal data coverage
  • Fiber router setup for wired and wireless networks

Our engineers and technicians will assess your needs, design a plan, then build the network(s) that provides the integrity you need, keeping a secure, free flow of data through your network. Pratt Communications realizes the changing technology trends of today and into the future, with 10+ Gigabit speeds and very low latency, we engineer these standards into the design and construction of your network.

What would happen if your internal network stopped working? How much would your productivity increase if your internal network were working more efficiently? Call us and we can help you streamline your present system, or plan and implement a brand new one.


Wireless Networks

Pratt Communications works closely with regional partners to offer a complete range of services to ensure trouble-free wireless networking in almost any location. Our services include:

    * Site Survey
    * Network Design & Consultation
    * Small Cell Deployment
    * Installation
    * Maintenance
    * Remote Diagnostics
    * Advanced Replacement Services
    * Product Customization
    * Microwave radio placement and calibration
    * Custom Design & Manufacture

We handle several areas of networking solutions for Telecommunications, Cities, Campus Connectivity, Corporate, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Industrial, Broadcast, and more. 

Wireless network technology is more secure that ever before. Statistically proven, wireless links deliver up to 99.999% availability and have extremely low failure rates. Additionally, Cable Free has saved thousands of businesses significant savings by providing wireless links - They can save downtime by implementation as a backup solution, or they can save leased line or construction costs when used as a primary source.

    * FSO (Free Space Optics) - Infra red
    * Radio - 2.4GHz - 5.8GHz
    * MMW - (Millimeter Wave) - 70GHz
    * MW - (Microwave) - 6GHz - 38GHz
    * WiFi (Radio) - 2.4GHz
    * WiMAX (Radio) - 3.5GHz